Tuesday, March 19, 2013


braces are off! braces are off! braces are off! braces are off!

you dont even have to see my whole face to understand the joy i am feeling at the moment!

before after pics from orthodontist

somewhat more of an asymmetrical face but hey i can close my mouth at rest!

not my full smile in the before. i remember being embarrassed to do so lol

i think (and feel) like my molars fit better before:( it looks like the bite is more worse in the back in the afters. i told my ortho but he insists that they look great and if he tweaked anything that he might ruin something. well  i was at the point of just like just get them off if you're not going to help me.

that silver spot on my bottom tooth is a crown that chipped in the front when the brackets were pulled off so now i have to surely replace it..waaaah more dental work:(

and now the grand finale!!!!!!