Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 weeks!!!!!!


Hey everyone! Sorry for disappearing and not posting as much lately. I've been kind of busy and i guess im at that point when i dont think about my jaw 24/7. I still think about it a lot though, especially when eating, or like yawning n such. My swelling might be almost gone. i think i have about 10% left. i can tell because my pores seem tight if that makes sense. not to be gross but i can tell my cheeks are still swollen because its impossible to release blackheads. Eww I know but it's not as bad compared to before...talking about bloody noses or nose diving with qtips lol. I added a picture which shows Me laughing naturally. I love it. It's kinda ugly but it's my first pic with a natural big ol laugh after surgery. I still have gums as u can see but much much less than my before pic under it. My nose is looking better. Still one nostril bigger than the other n Still wide but not so bad. I still can't open my mouth fully but for my 10 wk post op appt, my doc said it was pretty good. N its gotten bigger so far. He said I don't have to go back till after braces are off. My left side of my jaw now slightly clicks where as it never did before. Preop it was my right side. I feel like my teeth don't fit right now in my left and could be the cause of it. Idk. My orthodontist seems to not care anymore at this point. I mean I don't wanna say that. It's just he ALWAYS tells me it's fine And that my teeth are in the right position.

My face still has those jowls which kinda makes my face look extremely narrow. But everyone keeps telling me "wow u don't have a long face anymore!" So I get confused. Maybe it's how I take photos. Maybe in real life it's not that bad. My lips are definitely asymmetrical. One side is much fuller. Two ppl already pointed it out so I know I'm not over exaggerating. I guess all these things I don't like is a trade off for the things I do like. I always say I've been wishing to laugh and well..now I can. I finally can. So it's all worth it. I LOVE smiling and laughing and talking without worrying about how crazy I look. I still catch myself saying in my head" calm down on ur laughing! Your gums! Your gums!" But then I remember HA! Thats all gone! Now I can laughhhhh!! BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!

Idk if I ever gave out my email but if anyone has questions or just wants to chat..it's shadi1202@yahoo.com.

I probably won't post until my braces are finally off!


  1. Omg you look absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see the final braceless result.

  2. You look so great! Have they given you an estimate for when you'll have your braces removed?

  3. You look really good :) I find that in pictures my nose look assymetrical and one nostril looks bigger, but I don't see that at all in the mirror, and my mum says that it's only in photos, so maybe you're assymetries just come out more in photos?

  4. You look so amazing hun!!!! It's so great to hear an update from you. I've been waiting:) I'm glad things are progressing well:)

  5. You look fantastic! You make me feel confident my smile will eventually be as great as yours!