Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 39

My swelling is finally getting better. I'm still swollen and still have these ugly jowls but I think it got a little better. I've been taking arnica dissolvable tablets and bromelain for about 4 days now and I think it really does help. Especially with stiffness. Annnd my lips are still asymmetrical. Booo

Last night I went out with my friends and boy did it feel good! We went to a "fancy/chic" restaurant downtown. I will never go back because the prices were ridiculous!! I paid $100 just for myself for some tiny ass gourmet food!! I couldn't even eat the "complimentary" bread:((.
I had crab bisque, crab legs which were pre cracked and soaking in butter which I'm glad I asked for them to crack it for us. It made the meat soo soft! What else did i order?? Oh and I also had a drink...for $100!!! I think I'm never going to get over it. I can be a cheapskate sometimes lol. But it was a fun night! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time and I really needed it. Of course something jaw related has to interfere during good times. There was a moment where I laughed sooo hard that I literally felt a snap right behind the bottom of my nose. I guess where my nostril is. Then my nose kinda felt loose for a second. It felt like if you snap apart a rubber band? I was like OMG! I don't know what that was.I don't think it's a stitch right? Shouldn't they be dissolved by now? I don't feel any pain so idk. I'm going to ask my doc at my 6 wk post op appt this Wednesday.


  1. You're looking good. It doesn't look like you have jowls at all - they're just cheeks :)

  2. Looking good! I don't think your lips look assymetrical at all!