Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 16 / eating in public for the 1st time

Today I went to a restaurant. Boy was that awkward. I couldn't eat my salad of course which was sad for me cuz i love salad so much. I ordered anything that was soft enough to eat. I had baked tilapia and some Alfredo pasta. I also had some soft biscuits and a baked potato. I had to keep asking my hubs if I had anything on my lips and chin cuz I can't feel if anything is there. I felt like ppl were staring at me because I was eating like a child. Each time I took a (small) bite of something I had to wipe my mouth cuz food would be all over my face.

I don't enjoy food as much as before because the roof of my mouth is so numb so I don't get to fully taste my food. Hopefully feeling will come back in there because that would suck eating like that for the rest of my life. I wonder how long it takes.

I hated how ppl would stare at my swollen face. It's like dude, maybe I just had my wisdom teeth taken out or somthin. Why the hell do they stare as if I got a second head sticking out of my neck? So sad how ppl are quick to judge by appearances.

Later I had ice cream which was much easier to eat. The problem is half of my bottom lip is numb that the cold temperature burns it. It's such a weird feeling. It starts stinging. I don't know if that's a good thing cuz at least I feel something. But if I touch it or poke it...nothin.

I can't wait till my mouth works properly again. I'm a big food person and eating is basically my life. Not being able to enjoy food is really messin with my head. But.. this is expected. Eventually things will go back to normal.

At least it was nice just to get out again and do normal things.

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