Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 12

I went to see my surgeon and ortho today. They were amazed of the minor swelling I had. They said patients 12 days post op are still pretty swollen. They said I am very swollen because I have no creases in my face but it's not bad at all. And they were also surprised by the lack of bruising. I told my doc about my uvula and how it seems long and he did indeed say that it was because my jaws are both positioned higher up is what is causing my uvula to be hanging lower than normal. I hate it though. It just feels like something is always stuck in my throat like a piece of food. I need to do something about it but he just said be patient and just stop worrying about everything and let your body heal.

When I passed by my ortho he said that he's very impressed with the surgeons work. He said my bite is almost in perfect position and he's happy about that because I'm not gonna need a lot of ortho work post op. he said he thinks my braces can come off anywhere from 2-4 months. Yippieeeeee!!! Amazing news so far! I'm gonna say 2 months in my head cuz that sounds better lol;)

I can't imagine having my braces off in what?? December???? Wow! I cannot wait!!!!

On a side note there's something I forgot to bring up to them. When my mouth is at rest you only see my my bottom teeth. That's so weird. At first glance you'd think it looks like a under bite. I hate it. I'm forcing my mouth to keep closed because it looks so weird. I guess I didn't bring it up because I brought up so many minor lil things he just kept on telling me not to over analyze everything. But this to me is major. I don't like it at all.

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