Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Asymmetrical lips

Has anybody had any issues with their lips after jaw surgery? My upper lip is now crooked. One side of my lip is now noticeably thinner than the other side. I keep thinking that it must still be swollen on that side but I remember right when I got out of surgery my husband took a pic of me and I noticed my lips right away before the swelling started.

It's causing half my mouth to close at rest and the thinner side to stay a lil open. It looks weird and I'm telling myself to wait till 8 wk mark to judge. It's really bugging me. It's causing my face to look even more asymmetrical. I didn't expect my lips to change and even if they did I wouldn't of cared if the evenly got smaller or fuller but not crooked. I've tried to look online and it's mostly ppl with swelling issues but not really any asymmetry AFTER surgery.

The 3rd one down are my lips before surgery


  1. I bet it is still swelling! Don't worry!

  2. I had uneven lips after I got my four wisdom teeth out. Once the swelling was gone, they looked normal again. You've just had major surgery to your jaw - I'm sure once you give it time to heal, it will look fine.

  3. I remember Dani had a lot of swelling in her lips which made them look a bit assymetrical for quite a while (http://timetoembraceit.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/day-21.html) but now it looks fine and she has a gorgeous smile. (Hope you don't mind me referencing you Dani if you're reading this!) Hope this gives you some reassurance, and to be honest it's one of those things where because it's your face, to you it's the most noticeable thing in the world, but to anybody else looking, it looks nowhere near as bad as you think. Also do you think it looks worse in photos than in the mirror? Because when I take photos things like wonky nostrils and my cant seem so much worse than what I see when I look in the mirror.

  4. I know this is four years later, but I had orthognathic surgery last year and the right side of my lower lip is still asymmetrical from the rest of my lips. It appears much smaller, and that region (lower right) still feels numb eight months later! I'm afraid that I permanently lost sensation on my lower right side since the oral surgeon did state that permanent numbness can be a surgical complication. If so, this means that my lip will be permanently uneven as well. I hope in your case, it was swelling, but in my case, I'm going to have to consult a doctor that specializes in nerve reattachment probably. I recommend people who had the surgery to be patient, that it can most likely be swelling, but also keep in mind that there is that slim chance that you can lose sensation and remain with uneven lips until returning for treatment.