Monday, October 15, 2012

26 days post op

Say ahhhhhhh!!!

This is as big as I can open my mouth so far. Not bad I think. I dont know how to measure. Ill use food. Lol. Im gonna say smaller than a snickers bar. (as if i can bite into that...tear*) but I can definitely fit a spoon. That's because I ditched those baby spoons from day one. Well kinda. The first couple of days after i was debanded I was aloud to eat stuff like mashed potatoes and applesauce and stuff so I had to use them little things. Then I noticed after a half hour of trying to eat, I would technically have eaten a regular spoonful of food. Nu uh. I picked up an adult spoon and tried to eat however I could. Finally I was getting full(er). Not full. Never full. Lol.

It's weird looking in my mouth. I can no longer see the back of my throat. It's crazy. Even if I say ahhh u can't see down there. My throat is so far down that I think only a doctor with a light can see it. The reason why is because when my jaws moved up obviously my throat stayed the same place so it's just starts lower than usual now. It's kinda hard to explain.

It's kinda gross seeing the wrinkly new gums I have behind my lower arch. (where wisdom teeth would be) it used to be such a small space there. No wonder why my wisdom teeth were impacted back when I was 15. There was no room for them. Bet there woulda been room for them now.

As you can see my face is still asymmetrical not due to the swelling I have. You can see it in my teeth. They both slant lower on one side.

Well anyhoo can't wait when I can open my mouth big enough to bite into a burger. (daydreaming and drooling).

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  1. I still have some swelling in my jaw line at 10 weeks. I find the more I talk and chew the more swelling I have. also, I am having acupuncture, and the feeling is coming back much faster now. It just takes time. You look great, and the difference in your nose is minimal, I wouldn't notice it if you didn't mention it.