Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2 weeks post op!

Wow I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! I feel like surgery day was just a few days ago. Time was moving sooo slow in the beginning and it seems to fly by now.

I'm eating better. Too much of you ask me. At first I lost 8 lbs in 1wk. But then somehow I already gained 5 back!! So technically I only lost 3 lbs this whole time! So much for me worrying about losing 20-30 lbs like I thought I was going to. I even bulked up some weight before surgery (about 7lbs) in case I lose too much. I think it's because all I eat is carbs. Pastas, mashed potatoes, A lot of ramen noodles, peanut butter n jelly sandwiches, a lot of desserts..etc. not really low calories. Oh well

My smile is emerging and I'm so happy about that. My doc said it'll be a while before I can smile and I'm proving to him and everyone that it wont be long. The reason is I do my own mini exercises. Nothing major that will interfere with healing but little things like practicing smiling like ALL DAY. Or I do little ooohs and eeehs. I notice that helps a lot.

My smile is getting bigger n bigger everyday . I'm going to still have a gummy smile in the end because of the size of my teeth and until I see gum then I'll be close. I can see some gum in this pic and it makes me so happy. My husband thinks I'm nuts. He says I thought you hated your gums. I'm like I did but it's just still a part of me. I cant explain it. I want to have my gummy smile but not that extreme.

I felt a lil depressed yesterday because at times when I glance in the mirror, I don't recognize myself. I actually teared up and missed the old me. I told myself I look exactly the same. The only thing throwing me off was my swelling and my smile. But I was like what's wrong with me? Why would I miss something that I feel was such a bad part of my life? My sister explained it best. She said its like moving from your old messed up uncomfortable home to a new house. No matter what you'll always miss it. Just saying goodbye is the hardest part. Well I guess I'm still in the process of moving and once I move into my new beautiful home I will love it!

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