Monday, August 27, 2012

23 days to go

I got a call from my surgeons office and I'm a little disappointed. They were calling to confirm my now sept 13 pre op appt and they said it will be about an hour long to discuss everything, new xrays and make molds for a splint which I believe I will be wearing during the surgery only. But she said my doctor will not be at the pre op appt. Only the asst surgeon which JUST joined the practice and I've never met. I said that I would really prefer my OS to be there because I would be more comfortable.

I mean the last time I seen him was in June which she said is recent enough and the fact that I've seen him sooo many times with multiple pre consultations because of insurance drama that he knows me well enough and determined many times what i need.

I responded..what about discussing how much movement my jaws need? Because i have no idea. (especially reading from fellow bloggers how specific their docs are)
They said that the splint and teeth are what actually will guide him.

I was really mad and nervous because I told them I needed reassurance and want him to be at the pre op appt.

She said I have 2 choices. Reschedule surgery date or speak to him on the phone 2 days before surgery. I said I really really did not want to reschedule so I agreed to the phone call. She said not to worry but I kinda am really worrying now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Omg ok I'm panicking now. The countdown is officially in the 20's. That 29 more days till surgery. Whenever I used to say 2 months from now or 46 days from now or even 30 days from now it still felt far out. But 29? That just sounds so close. There are moments where I'm like c'mon hurry up baby!! N there's days where I'm like ahhhhhhhh! Excited, anxious, but I am mostly scared.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Don't mind my dry lips and Napoleon dynamite lookin mouth but I took a real close up pic of my bite. I drew a black line where my wire would be after surgery. My OS said after my upper jaw is moved up that he thinks the wire on my top teeth would most likely be around there. Right under my upper lip. So you can picture where my teeth would be. It's kind of exciting to have an idea in my head what my bite may look like. Well 37 more days!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012