Thursday, December 15, 2011

starting over

Hey guys I haven't been on in a while, but my surgery should be near. Were thinking by Feb,2012. I'm so excited!

The problem is my insurance (that already pre authorized everything and was good to go) has been cancelled! what a nightmare:(
I have a new insurance now and already sent in a claim for pre-authorization. I'm so worried because its an insurance that no one has ever heard of before. They work with super med/medical mutual so hopefully it will work. I'm soo worried though since I am near done with my ortho. It is not the time to just hope. idk what to do if they deny. My bite has gotten worse purposely for the surgery so theres like really no turning back especially with 4 teeth extracted. Oh jeez i don't even wanna think about it..happy thoughts, happy thoughts:/

Anyways I just recently seen my jaw surgeon because with the new insurance I had to pretty much start over. So I had to have a new consult visit. I was happy because compared to my first consult a yr ago, this visit felt better. He told me that he thinks I will have 5 mm advancement on my lower jaw and 5 mm impaction of my upper jaw. I was surprised that it is not much movement since I have an extreme gummy smile but he explained that I have very small teeth that if he moves up my upper jaw too much, that my teeth would get lost and my mouth will look weird. So he said with the size of my teeth, he would like too see some gum, just a more natural smile, which made me happy cuz I still wanna be me.  I don't want anything too drastic. He said that no one will really know what I did, and that they'll just be like oh she looks better but idk why. sounds good to me!

My next ortho appt is on Jan 25 2012. I will likely  schedule soon after for the molds. By that time hopefully I will have good news from insurance..fingers crossed!