Friday, February 4, 2011

only the beginning...sord of

I had my crown lengthening surgery last week. I call it surgery because I was under anesthesia. I dont know what for, but I didn't mind since it felt like 5 minutes. The reason for the crown lengthening was to expose more teeth so my jaw surgeon can know how much to move my upper jaw up. So now that he knows the whole size of my smile he can now envision where my teeth should be.

Man do I have big gums!!! Or should I say a really, really  long upper jaw..what the hell! And it doesn't help that I have small teeth.  What I never understood though was..when ppl poke fun at me, it kinda sounds like an how can they say I have horse teeth and at the same time, say i still have my baby i guess im a baby horse? lol

I also had 2 premolars extracted on my bottom teeth so I can recreate my original overbite..I need this done so my surgeon can have room to advance my lower jaw.

I have before and after pics of the crown lengthening. These pics are not clear because I used my phone. Wack ass iPhone 4! Lol just kiddin I love my phone but why in the world does Apple brag that it has an HD cam? It def does not look like it. I will get a better cam when I upload more pics in the future.  Probably when I am near surgery.

Ok brace yourself (get it? brace? braces? hehe, im chuckling) no really brace yourself..these pics are not cute:

So........ its subtle.  Still A LOT of gums but its a little better. I guess the teeth are not as round. Oh you can't see them, but I have stitches in the afters..its only been 8 days after the crown lengthening so they're still inflamed.

and as for extractions..they were pretty much  healed the next day! so that was good