Sunday, January 9, 2011

how i ended up going through with orthognathic surgery

I've been told throughout my whole life that i needed jaw surgery. Every time I tried fixing my problem with different options, they would all tell me the same thing..''sorry, you need jaw surgery'' but I wouldn't listen. I thought, hell noooo! I cannot do something so huge like that! I tried fixing my gummy smile with gum surgery. I looked aaaaalright for like 2 weeks till my gums grew back. one day, I thought let me try braces again. I've had braces before when i was like 13 or 14 but all they did was ''straighten'' my teeth. They did not prevent or fix my extreme overbite and my even more extreme gummy smile. I have a really gummy smile because my upper jaw is vertically long and double the length of a normal jaw. So 2010 I decided to get braces...again..ugh. I thought let me see what my options are now that I'm older.

of course my orthodontist said ''you need jaw surgery.''  the problem was i was so afraid that i quickly told him no! and asked him if there was anything else i can do. he told me that he can extract 2 teeth from top( premolars) and push back my teeth to give an illusion that my overbite isn't THAT bad. and as for my gummy smile i thought hey i lived with it my whole life so far, i can live with it till i die..(i guess)

i decided to go with the no surgery option. boyyyyyy did i  make a mistake!! half way through my treatment(yep,braces for almost a yr and 2 missing teeth later) i went crazy of how my face has changed and had gotten worse. the 3rd lowest part of my face has all sunken in! so basically i look like alien forehead, big cheeks, bigGER gums and no jaw. sexy huh?

after i had my meltdown i thought why am i going through life trying to find the easiest way out. i just cant have what i want that easy. my face has skeletal deformities and I've never even considered surgery?

well now i am finally doing it! no more beating around the bush.

I'm now having 2 teeth removed from my bottom teeth on Jan 27 2011(to bring back my overbite so my jaw surgeon can have room to move it) basically I'm starting

i know it will be worth it when i am done with all this and i am able to crack a smile and no more gums!!!!!!!!!:D