Tuesday, March 19, 2013


braces are off! braces are off! braces are off! braces are off!

you dont even have to see my whole face to understand the joy i am feeling at the moment!

before after pics from orthodontist

somewhat more of an asymmetrical face but hey i can close my mouth at rest!

not my full smile in the before. i remember being embarrassed to do so lol

i think (and feel) like my molars fit better before:( it looks like the bite is more worse in the back in the afters. i told my ortho but he insists that they look great and if he tweaked anything that he might ruin something. well  i was at the point of just like just get them off if you're not going to help me.

that silver spot on my bottom tooth is a crown that chipped in the front when the brackets were pulled off so now i have to surely replace it..waaaah more dental work:(

and now the grand finale!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 weeks!!!!!!


Hey everyone! Sorry for disappearing and not posting as much lately. I've been kind of busy and i guess im at that point when i dont think about my jaw 24/7. I still think about it a lot though, especially when eating, or like yawning n such. My swelling might be almost gone. i think i have about 10% left. i can tell because my pores seem tight if that makes sense. not to be gross but i can tell my cheeks are still swollen because its impossible to release blackheads. Eww I know but it's not as bad compared to before...talking about bloody noses or nose diving with qtips lol. I added a picture which shows Me laughing naturally. I love it. It's kinda ugly but it's my first pic with a natural big ol laugh after surgery. I still have gums as u can see but much much less than my before pic under it. My nose is looking better. Still one nostril bigger than the other n Still wide but not so bad. I still can't open my mouth fully but for my 10 wk post op appt, my doc said it was pretty good. N its gotten bigger so far. He said I don't have to go back till after braces are off. My left side of my jaw now slightly clicks where as it never did before. Preop it was my right side. I feel like my teeth don't fit right now in my left and could be the cause of it. Idk. My orthodontist seems to not care anymore at this point. I mean I don't wanna say that. It's just he ALWAYS tells me it's fine And that my teeth are in the right position.

My face still has those jowls which kinda makes my face look extremely narrow. But everyone keeps telling me "wow u don't have a long face anymore!" So I get confused. Maybe it's how I take photos. Maybe in real life it's not that bad. My lips are definitely asymmetrical. One side is much fuller. Two ppl already pointed it out so I know I'm not over exaggerating. I guess all these things I don't like is a trade off for the things I do like. I always say I've been wishing to laugh and well..now I can. I finally can. So it's all worth it. I LOVE smiling and laughing and talking without worrying about how crazy I look. I still catch myself saying in my head" calm down on ur laughing! Your gums! Your gums!" But then I remember HA! Thats all gone! Now I can laughhhhh!! BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD!

Idk if I ever gave out my email but if anyone has questions or just wants to chat..it's shadi1202@yahoo.com.

I probably won't post until my braces are finally off!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

6 weeks!

I had my 6 wk post op appt yesterday and guess what????? I got the OK to chew!! yayyyyy!! So I went home got some carrots and apples and crunched away!!

OK I'm kidding obviously. Haha, u guys are probably like... what! Are u crazyyyyy?

No he said I can chew most foods that you’re typically aloud and not aloud to eat with braces i.e. no hard sticky crunchy foods. He said no jolly ranchers (obviously) and nothing like bagels n such. He did say I can eat stuff like chicken :) Oh meat, how I've missed u. well I'm not gonna lie. I've eaten some meats like ground beef in stuff like pasta which is easy to eat, but I've tried to eat chicken and pot roast before, but it was too hard. I would end up swallowing it which not only was that dangerous but not very enjoyable.
I've been missing the carnivore in me. Like actually chewing the meat. So I ate some stewed lamb yesterday (very soft) and I tried actually chewing it. It was so difficult for me. Not just physically, but mentally.
Physically, it was hard because my jaws or jaw muscles are very, very weak right now and the fact that I'm not used to eating with the new bite I have. I'm not used to chewing and having all my teeth touch. It’s a weird feeling. The mental part of it, is that I'm so scared. I'm afraid to be aggressive while chewing because I keep thinking I don't wanna break anything or loosen anything. My surgeon did say that I'm pretty much healed like a broken bone after being in a cast for a while. But that got me confused. I thought it takes many months and even up to a year for bone to heal? Idk but he assured me not to worry and chew food like a regular person but not go crazy. He said wait another month before actually eating whatever I want like steak (and I'm guessing apples and carrots? lol)

I told him about the snap I felt behind my nose the other day from laughing too hard. He looked in my nose and just said not to worry about it. Ummm OK. I guess. Maybe it’s something that is not dangerous. He said I would worry about it if it was like day 2 after surgery. My personal feeling was it was a stitch, because my nose seems more wider on that side.

Swelling wise he said I am still pretty swollen. He estimated that I still have about 40% of swelling left. Wow that's like almost half :( geezz!!
He told me by 16 weeks I should be almost back to my old self! Yikes! All this time I'm thinking 8 weeks. He said even by 4 months I should still have about 20% of residual swelling until 6 months. Then it most likely should be gone…

I'm officially off rubber bands. I went to my OD afterwards and he switched my old wires with the hooks for fresh ones. No more hooks!!! :) No actually I should remove that smile. I have a loose band in the back and a broken bracket on my front crown that still need to be fixed. My mouth cant open wide enough to start anything. But, are you ready for the exact words my OD used next... "I'm not going to use the ceramic bracket on the crown again. I'm going to either BAND it:( then add it on or add a metal bracket because I don't wanna keep FARTING around".. Lol, the little girl in me couldn't help to giggle…

But yeah when I go back in 2 weeks, im going to have one ugly looking tooth for the time being. It’s true we shouldn't keep farting around it. Lol. That crown has been giving us trouble so we don't want the bracket to pop off again so we can hurry up and finish! He told me we should be done with braces in a few visits.....here's hopin!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Before/after pics of my gummy smile

I honestly cried when I looked at these 2 pictures. It's over. Those days with that hideous smile that plagued me my whole life are finally over.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 39

My swelling is finally getting better. I'm still swollen and still have these ugly jowls but I think it got a little better. I've been taking arnica dissolvable tablets and bromelain for about 4 days now and I think it really does help. Especially with stiffness. Annnd my lips are still asymmetrical. Booo

Last night I went out with my friends and boy did it feel good! We went to a "fancy/chic" restaurant downtown. I will never go back because the prices were ridiculous!! I paid $100 just for myself for some tiny ass gourmet food!! I couldn't even eat the "complimentary" bread:((.
I had crab bisque, crab legs which were pre cracked and soaking in butter which I'm glad I asked for them to crack it for us. It made the meat soo soft! What else did i order?? Oh and I also had a drink...for $100!!! I think I'm never going to get over it. I can be a cheapskate sometimes lol. But it was a fun night! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time and I really needed it. Of course something jaw related has to interfere during good times. There was a moment where I laughed sooo hard that I literally felt a snap right behind the bottom of my nose. I guess where my nostril is. Then my nose kinda felt loose for a second. It felt like if you snap apart a rubber band? I was like OMG! I don't know what that was.I don't think it's a stitch right? Shouldn't they be dissolved by now? I don't feel any pain so idk. I'm going to ask my doc at my 6 wk post op appt this Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I can't believe it's been a month already. How fast time flies. Ok kinda..There were days that felt like forever. But still it's like I keep thinkin I had surgery just the other day.

My swelling seems to be staying exactly the same since day 14 or somthin. I don't see a difference at all. My doc said I'm not gonna notice anything cuz its gonna be subtle from now on. I also have UNEVEN swelling. My left side (your right) is not so bad but my right side (your left) looks like I got stung by a bee. I was never worried about the unevenness till my family all commented that one side is much bigger than the other.

Another thing I've brought up before in my posts are these damn jowls I now have. I don't see any other bloggers or pictures/videos online with ppl having Jowls after 1 month. Usually just the first week and then it slowly decreases. Mines still there causing me to think that this is permanent.

I have 100% numbness in the roof of my mouth and gums. Except for my right half of my lower gums. I have full feeling there since day 1. My cheeks are not really numb but there are some parts on my cheeks that are only like 5% numb which I do not notice at all. My lower left side of my chin and lip are still completely numb. I sometimes feel tingly sensation or pins and needles. But not all the time. It mostly feels extremely tight...and even painful at times. I can kinda feel when I touch there but I'm not sure if it's the pressure I'm feeling or the actual touch. I really hope my chin gets better because that's causing me to talk crooked. I also think my awkward speech is caused by the fact that I don't know how to use these new chompers. I'm so used to my overbite that I used to have to pronounce words and letters by moving my jaw, tongue and lips certain ways. So I'm thinking i might need some speech therapy later on. Hopefully not and it will just get better with time. My biggest challenge is the letter F for some reason. It's extremely hard for me to say words with F in it. What the fark!! See I told u lol